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mole mound at tree roots

Mole mounds around trees often need more than mole trapping or extermination. It needs a soak.

Chris The Mole Man provides a deep seeping mole removal tree soak. The worst mole infestation is often caused by decaying tree roots. When mounds are clustered at the base of a tree, this means 2 things: 1) That the root decay is attracting moles like a magnet; and 2) your moles are too deep to target with traps as these "mole magnet" roots go down and are as wide as the canopy of the tree (or where the tree used to be).​ But this isn't your biggest challenge.

For this we do a Tree Root Soak.

$100 1st Tree, $50 add'l trees

$25 off each tree if done w/ standard yard treatment (suggested), extended area fees may apply. Order HERE

Chris The Mole Man proudly treats all of St Louis city and county: Affton, Arnold, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Ellisville, Florissant, Hazelwood, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lake St. Louis, Mehlville, Oakville, O'Fallon, St. Peters, Town and Country, Webster, Wentzville, Wildwood, Much of So. IL: Alton, Belleville, Collinsville, Columbia, Edwardsville, Fariview Heights, Counties of Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, Madison, Monroe, St. Clair.

Deep Tree Root Soak Treatment

Your real problem is that since the roots are pulling in moles from throughout the neighborhood, killing them with mole traps or poisons doesn't usually help as the next moles are just waiting for your current moles to die so they can have their turn to infest. That's why it hasn't stopped. This area's a Mole Magnet.

TREATING YOUR SOIL is often the only thing can work on your "mole magnet" soil by helping to drive your moles out and keep them out long term. However, Tree Root Mole Magnets are often too deep for mole killing.

A Tree Root Soak helps to quickly wash our mole removal soil treatment deep down the "mole magnet" area of your soil to help start the mole removal effort faster than ever and to help accelerate the process of becoming mole free.

With multiple rains, our standard surface treatment can be very effective. But it takes time to seep 3-6 feet down to the affected area to begin the process of helping to drive out your moles. This added time can mean a very stressful wait, especially during the dry St. Louis summers.

At Chris The Mole Man, our root soak douses the problem root area so the treatment can quickly seep down and helping to drive your moles out and keep them out long term.