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2010: "Hell, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I am seeing very little mole activity...except in the corner of my yard near the neighbor who has so many. They have gone past the fence and along my garage line again (as you said they would but in more of a straight line). My neighbor is so frustrated...I think what I had is all going to him, but he should have treated professionally. However, he has not used his sprinkler system for two years or so and i think you said that encourages them."

2012: "Hi Chris...Linda ___ here from _____ Cabot Cove Ct. I have been so please that I have had no mole activity...only a little in the beginning of the year that went over to my neighbor to be trapped. Would it be wise to do another treatment this fall? (I told her NO, her lawn is still protected) "I know I am going to get a fertilizer treatment and i did have a lady come to my door this past spring to ask me if I would recommend your service. And I did recommend."

Linda, Cabot Cove Ct,


You treated my home (now a rental house) back in 2017 for moles and it worked quite well. Since it's spring, I asked my property manager to go out and take a look and see if the moles had re-appeared this year.  He said he did see a few signs of them, but nowhere near as bad as it was back in 2017.

Darren, English Oak,


"We used your service back in the fall of 2011 and it worked great. We chose the soil treatment over trapping. Moles stayed away for almost two years, but unfortunately, they are back in a big way. I wanted to see if we could set up an appointment to do the soil treatment again. My address is..."

Chris, Hollister Crossing Ct.


"I'm in a badly infested part of Kirkwood and we've been dealing with mole infestation since I've lived here. We used flooding, car exhaust, castor oil poison and traps which would sometimes work but only for a short time until moles would come back. Thanks for finally putting an end to this! while we still see some tunnels every once is a great while, it's pretty seldom and the massive zig-zagging hasn't been around for 3 years. (I've needed 2 treatments over 6 or 7 years! if you're a neighbor of mine and see this letter on their website, please use them! If everyone in the neighborhood used them, mole would likely be entirely off our block and the small amount of re-infestation that I have would likely be gone, too--just a thought.

Anyway, Thanks again Chris The Mole Man!!!"

Eugenio, Madison Ave,


"This is Brett ___, and you treated my yard a few years ago (3 actually) and it has been working well up until now. I wonder if we can set up another treatment."

Brett, Avelon Pt.


"You treated my yard on June 23. The first two weeks the moles went crazy and really to up the yard. But, after that I have had no sign of moles. I have stuck to a regimented watering schedule."

Cindy, Crescent Woods Dr,

St. Peters

"We are currently “mole-free”. If they return, however, we will definitely contact you via the ordering site. Your service was very helpful and successful at addressing our mole issues.

Curtis, Old Orchard,

Webster Groves

"I am referring ____. They live in O'Fallon. I am going to send her your link on the web as soon as I send that email to you.
On a personal note. We have noticed a HUGE difference in the mole activity. There has been activity but they don't seem to hang around long and certainly NOT like the horrible lawn destruction of last year."

Linda, La Baron Ln,

St. Charles

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Chris - you treated my yard last summer and it worked wonderfully.  I am beginning to see runs in my backyard.  I think you need to come out and spray again.

​Arthur, Dearborn Dr.

​Warson Woods

​​I've lived here for 9.5 yrs. You've treated my yard twice ('17 & '19). I don't know if you have it has been a few years now (5 yrs). When you treated the yard both times, I noticed no more activity for the rest of that season plus two more seasons each time. I would really like to have you come every other year and stay on top of things. Though it's not as obviously overrun like the first time you came, I do see mounds in the front yard and some of my landscaping boxes. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you again. You're very professional and reliable, and I appreciate you!

Christy, Yaeger Rd


Chris The Mole Man proudly treats all of St Louis city and county: Affton, Arnold, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Ellisville, Florissant, Hazelwood, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lake St. Louis, Mehlville, Oakville, O'Fallon, St. Peters, Town and Country, Webster, Wentzville, Wildwood, Much of So. IL: Alton, Belleville, Collinsville, Columbia, Edwardsville, Fariview Heights, Counties of Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, Madison, Monroe, St. Clair.

"I received mole removal treatment last year during the fall. I see very little, I think none, mole activity. I don't want to speak too early, but your one treatment has far surpassed what Rottler has accomplished in 3 years.
Thanks a million for helping me!"

Robert, Tree Edge Ln

Black Jack, MO

(2 yrs after treatment) "I appreciate your checking in! Thus far, the treatment has kept the moles away but you're absolutely the guy I will reach out to should they return. Hope you have a great season!"

John, Bluestone Terr.

Rock Hill

"Last year we had you treat the lawn for the moles we were having. Since then, I've only ever noted one but it didn't hang around long."

Brian, Kensington Ct,


We had your yard treatment going on 2ish years ago and last year had another pesticide company come to treat the “pass thru” but it seemed to have been useless and attracted more mole activity to yard.  I appreciate your expertise and value your thoughts on next steps.

Leighanne, Arbor Grove,


May '18: "Currently using Rottler. They are trapping with nominal results, and have been for over 2 years. The moles persist. Please advise on a permanent solution."

March '19: "To date, the treatment has been 100 % effective. No new runs have been detected. We will certainly contact you should any new activity be discovered."

​Craig, Park Forest,


Chris The Mole Man is proud to be the only provider of long term yard mole pest control in the St. Louis area.

"You treated our property in Sept of '21 (2 yrs ago), seems like moles are back. I trust your service so if your guys could just come back and get rid of them again, that would be terrific. No need to wait for me to be home, I know it works."

Kevin, Arbor Meadow.


314.605.6687  15455 Manchester rd.#176  St. Louis 63022

You treated my lawn at the end of last year. We have incredible results! Not a single mole hill since! And we were getting new ones constantly. Thank you!

Sarah, Rose Crest Dr.


In response, I've been proud to receive kind words from some of you who've had mole free success from our mole removal lawn treatment. To all of you who have trusted us with your St. Louis mole infestation, thank you!


"I saw (Chris) The Mole Man's website then decided to call him to see what exactly his procedure involved. After the initial conversation with Chris I decided to have him come out and treat my yard. that was about 2 1/2 months ago...and after much watering could see the results were already a vast improvement...As of today I see a huge improvement."

Mark, Country Hill Rd.

St. Peters

"I've always tried off the shelf spray chemicals, traps and even flooding to kill moles. I've never had any luck. I used (Chris) The Mole Man 2 years ago (in 2007) and the moles went away and stayed away. Then this Spring, my yard service sprayed for bugs that he thought would help prevent mole infestation again. This summer, the pests and their trails came back. (Chris) The Mole Man came back out to treat my yard to reverse the effects of this spraying and now, after only about a week, we're back to normal. (Chris) The Mole Man is the only thing that's been very successful for me. Thanks (Chris The) Mole Man!"

P.S. "Thank you for being so knowledgeable about what to do to help remove moles from our yard. I will mention you to our neighbors."

Bob and Edith, Sommerton Ct.

Creve Coeur

We've not seen any activity since your treatment. We are very pleased.

Gary, Cliff Dr.

​St. Louis

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So far we are having great results with the moles. By chance, do you have a treatment for chipmunks? (Sorry, we don't. Only our mole removal treatment).

Steve, Spring Oaks Dr.

​Chesterfield ​

"Your treatment worked great last year."

Joe, Dogwood Meadows Ct.

"Chris The Mole Man,
I have not seen any indications of moles in my yard since your application (4 yrs ago). If I do, you will be the first called.


Chuck, Woodleaf,​

​O'Fallon, IL

"Chris, You ^%@*, There ain't no more moles in my yard. I love you for that. All right dude. I'll hate you tomorrow but I love you right now. Thank you. No moles in my %'ing yard. What did you do, c'mon."


St. Charles