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Mole Removal Pricing

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Add $25 per additional 7,000 sq'

On-site review $75

on-site cancellations $75, out of county fees $50+​ 

Lot Under 7,000 sq'     $249

7,001-14,000 sq'        $299

14,001-21,000 sq'      $349

21,001-28,000 sq'      $399

28,000-35,000 sq'      $449

35,001-42,000 sq'      $499

42,001-49,000 sq'      $549

Priced by LOT size + easements.

Add 25% for no inground irrigation to 42k sq'

Add 35% for no inground irrigation over 42k sq'

Save 10-20% Off by treating with neighbors!

Cost add-ons for outside St. Louis County.

Our mole removal soil treatment prices are upfront, easy pricing, often costs less than catching just 2 moles with a mole trapper.

Proudly treating all of St Louis city and county: Affton, Arnold, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Ellisville, Florissant, Hazelwood, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lake St. Louis, Mehlville, Oakville, O'Fallon, Town and Country, Webster, Wentzville, Wildwood, Much of So. IL: Alton, Belleville, Collinsville, Columbia, Edwardsville, Fariview Heights, Counties of Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, Madison, Monroe, St. Clair.


15455 Manchester rd. #176

St. Louis, MO 63022

Simply email us your address and whether you have in-ground irrigation that you can run throughout the treatment area during service (irrigation must run as we treat), and we'll provide a fast, free price for mole removal service.

When pricing mole removal service for yourself, please consider a few things:

  1. The treatment area is figured by LOT SIZE, not just the size of a grass patch or bed.
  2. To be sure that our treatment gets watered into the soil where moles live, irrigation must run as we treat. If you have in-ground irrigation, we suggest running your irrigation as we treat, usually for 4 min per zone.
  3. Please be sure that your in-ground system is fully functioning, that you're familiar with how to run it (instructions here) and are ready to run it as we treat.
  4. If you don't have in-ground irrigation, let us know and we'll bring equipment, hook it up to your 2+ outside faucets, and will irrigate the treatment in ourselves (a 25% fee applies).
  5. Because our treatment is applied to help drive your moles out and keep them out long term, we encourage you to treat all of your lawn and beds, not just small parts of your property, as we're trying to push moles from treated areas to untreated areas. If parts of your property aren't treated, chances are that's where they're going next, and you may have to have us back to treat that part of the property later.
  6. Straight tunnels only don't need this treatment, see our mole trapping site. For zig-zag, wide-spread mole tunnels or mounds, traps don't help as killing moles often just clears the way for new mole infestation to move in behind the removed moles. However, if you'd prefer exterminating with a mole trapper, we're also a mole exterminator so we can add it to your treatment or do trapping by itself.
  7. Prices reflect service for St. Louis County. For service outside St. Louis County, usually $50 for adjacent counties, more for distant properties