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St. Louis is one of the Mole Capitals of the US. These videos show what than means to you.

Your current moles may be preventing the next wave of infestation from moving in.

Lawn moles are very territorial and are willing to fight. When your infestation is wide spread tunnels or mounds, this means that your soil is attracting moles in from throughout the neighborhood. Trapping in this type of soil only kills the current moles which are actually protecting the lawn from other moles throughout the neighborhood. This type of infestation should be treated.

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Moles Battle For A Tunnel

Mole Videos

Moles left untreated can get way out of hand.

Moles Fight For Territory

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Cute kid demonstrates tunnels. FYI, these can go 6' down and...moles just uncover blocked air holes.

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Mole infestation is like an Iceberg, what's at the surface is NOTHING compared to what's down below.

A few tunnels and mounds at the surface means a large infrastructure of tunnels that goes 6' below. During winter, when moles can't surface, this tunnel system actually expands, allowing space for more moles and making a difficult task of becoming mole free, even more difficult.