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​Trapping vs. Treatment

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Often, yard mole removal soil treatment is best.

This 2nd type of yard mole infestation is Zig-Zagging or Wide Spread Tunnels or Mounds which often means that your soil's actually the problem as it's attractive to moles, drawing them in from throughout the neighborhood. With this, mole Trapping pest  extermination often just clears the way for new lawn mole to re-infest so long as the soil remains alluring to the neighborhood's yard moles. This type of mole infestation is best defeated by treating the soil with a long term repellent (PLEASE, no castor oil or grubex!!) to help Drive Moles out and Keep them out Long Term. So, no mole killing.

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When is Mole Trapping Best?

When is Mole Soil Treatment Best?

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Sometimes, yard mole trapping is best.

There are 2 types of yard mole infestation: 1. Straight tunnels (straight isolated tunnels, edging the drive, walkway or base of the house, etc.) or 2. widespread tunnels or mounds. Yard mole trapping extermination is best for straight tunnels to exterminate, as a yard mole killer, as there's nothing about isolated straight tunnels that indicates your soil is what's drawing moles in from throughout your St. Louis neighborhood.

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Low cost yard mole trapping or long term mole removal soil treatment mole control in one! Wondering How To Get Rid of Moles in your yard? We're #1 online in ground mole pest control for 13 yrs for how we get rid St Louis yard moles long term. Long term mole removal depends on your specific lawn mole infestation. For Straight Mole Tunnels, we're a mole trapper exterminator. For Zig-Zagging Mole Tunnels or mounds, use our long term soil treatment to help drive moles out and keep moles out for Long Term mole control. Thinking "I need mole removal near me"? Email to see if traps or treatment are best for your mole infestation.

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