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    St Louis' Only Long Term Mole Removal!

St Louis' ONLY Long Term Lawn Mole Pest Control plus the lowest Mole Trapper prices in St Louis. Treat your yard with Long Term Mole Removal, Trap your Moles or Combine Trapping and Long Term services for an All-Out approach to the most effective Mole Pest Control in St Louis.


In St. Louis Yard Mole Pest Control, there are 3 Choices:

1) Long Term Mole Removal Soil Treatment (As Low As $249), or
2) Our Mole Trapping Services (Set up only $249), or
3) Both (for an all-out assault on moles, SAVE $100).

But how do you know which is best for you?

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Mole Trapping

Long Term Mole Removal Soil Treatment

Combine Mole Trapping and Soil Treatment

Mole Trapping alone is helpful when just a few straight tunnels exist, when tunnels are isolated and when infestation isn't persistent.
  • Our Mole Trapping Prices are just $249 for Set Up + $69 per Mole (both among the lowest trapping prices in St Louis).
  • Mole Trapping is a fast way to exterminate moles.
  • St Louis Mole Trapping has No $1,500 annual Contracts! Other trappers' prices are so high, their Salesman must "close the deal" face-to-face.


Our Long Term Mole Removal helps Drive Moles Out and Keeps them Out Long Term.
  • Best for Most Mole Infestation when:
    • Moles are persistent year after year.
    • Mole zig-zag through your lawn, meaning the soil is attractive to neighborhood moles.
    • Mole infestation returns soon after trapping.                   
  • Most Soil Treatments cost only $299-$349 (a fraction of the cost of a year's worth of trapping) and can protect your lawn for 2-3 yrs!
  • See Treatment prices here or email your address for Fast/Guaranteed Pricing!
  • Safe for Kids, Pets and Lawns with no hazardous traps in the yard!
Combine the Best of Both Pest Control Methods: Long Term Mole Removal Soil Treatment and the Benefits of Mole Trapping:
  • Help Drive Moles Out and Keep Them out Long Term!
  • Help Protect your Lawn from Neighboring Moles Moving in to Re-infest.
  • Trap any Moles that may linger or try to return to feed.
  • Combining these 2 provides St Louis' Only All-Out Assault on Yard Mole Infestation.
  • Combine and Save! Receive $100.00 OFF when you combine Mole Removal Soil Treatment and Mole Trapping together!


Questions about Mole Poisons for Mole Extermination:

To get rid of moles, St. Louisens try Poison Worms, Poison Peanuts or other chemical Extermination for Mole Pest Control only to find moles infesting again just a few days later. Even worse, local Bird Wildlife Sanctuaries urge, leaving toxic carcasses for birds and other wildlife to ingest kills endangered owls and other pets and wildlife (see more here). Poisons don't provide long term relief against mole infestation like our soil treatment can and they leave behind poisonous carcasses that your pets can smell, dig up and eat--this is dangerous! Chemical extermination is not safe pest control and is no more effective than trapping. It should be avoided!!

          Killing Moles with Mole Poisons?...
It's Dangerous, we don't do it!

How to get rid of Lawn Moles? Home Remodies for Mole Removal are not always a good idea:

yard mole damageTemporary methods and Home Remedies lead to an Endless Cycle of Re-infestation that can end up costing as much as $1,500 - $3000!

The fact is
, you have Yard Mole Tunnels because Moles like your soil! Moles are wildlife that produce about 8 pups (as do their pups, grand-pups and so on). So, where there is 1 mole, there's likely a neighborhood with countless moles.

If your St Louis neighborhood is out of hand with mole infestation, then invest your money wisely. Treat you soil and add trapping for an All-Out approach to help Drive Moles out and Keep Them Out Long Term.

Very Simply...
"Chris The Mole Man" is the #1 Ranked provider in St Louis because of our Great Rate of Success in removing Lawn Mole Infestation Long Term!
St Louis Mole Removal's Pest Control treatment is a Safe, Simple spray application that's become the Internet's #1 Ranked Mole Removal Services in St Louis by working to help drive moles out and keep moles out Long Term!

"Chris The Mole Man" is St Louis Lawn Mole Pest Control for Long Term Lawn Mole Infestation, Mole Damage Removal. No need for Mole Traps, Extermination, Poisoning or Killing at all. You may not need a Yard Mole Trapper or a Rodent Killer. Instead get Long Term Pest Control against Lawn Mole Infestation.

St Louisens also try Windmills, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Castor Oil, Cayenne Pepper or creating a Liquid Fence to get rid of moles. These methods pose no threat to moles and can sometimes make things worse. At Best, the results are temporary. At worst, they're Very Costly!
In short, no...we don't use them either
sonic mole repeller

While no service provider can ever guarantee success, in St. Louis, there's The Long Term Way or The Old Way! Call Chris The Mole Man today...and Finally begin the process of ridding your St. Louis Lawn of Yard Mole Infestation.

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"Mole Poisons are Dangerous!" 

Wild Bird Sanctuary:

St. Louis' endangered Owls, Hawks, other Wildlife and our Pets ingest moles made toxic by poisons and wipe out the entire nest or den.

(See their blog

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